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Warranty Service


S.I.R.I. S.r.l. provides 12-month warranty from the date of purchase for all electrical machinery parts, which are found to be defective as a result of raw material or production faults. The warranty service relates to defects, originated in the process of regular exploitation during the warranty period.  


S.I.R.I. S.r.l. provides 24-month warranty for the following models professional manual tile-cutters of faience, terracotta, gress-porcelain and fine stone tiles as follows: SIRI TOP 57, SIRI TOP 68, SIRI TOP 80, SIRI ABANT 57, SIRI AVANT 68, SIRI AVANT 80, SIRI AVANT 100, SIRI AVANT 130 and the following models amateur manual tile-cutters: 46 NV, SIRIECO 43, SIRIECO 53, SIRIECO 63.




SIRI’s warranty conditions


The warranty maintenance shall be provided upon submission of a purchase document.


The warranty starts from the purchase date and refers to all parts of the machine which are found to be defective as a result of raw material or production faults.


Damages caused by the regular wear, irregular cleaning and maintenance, use of unoriginal supplies, overloading, improper use or use not on purpose are not covered under the warranty maintenance.


The service within the warranty term is respected only if the machine has been delivered notdisassembledto the supplier. Repairs carried out by third unauthorized parties make the warranty void.


The repairs within the warranty term do not stop or prolong the warranty in case of a lodged claim.


The transport costs to the supplier and the return of the machine are at the buyer’s expense.


The parts of a regular physical wear for the manual machines include: handle, axial wolfram carbide wheel, plastic profile for sliding handle and a buffer (for SIRI TOP and SIRI AVANT), bearing, guide rail and plates (metal or rubber).


Address for delivery of machines and tile-cutters to be repaired: 4002 Plovdiv, 11 Yanko Sakazov Str., Tel.: 032/644419; GSM: 0888/604625